About Adenus Technologies

Adenus Technologies (originally Effluent Collection Supply, or ECS) was founded in 1997 on the principle of providing training and support services to design engineers, installation contractors and maintenance providers. Our company focuses on three key elements:

1. Technology
2. Training
3. Service/Support

History In the mid-1990s, the decentralized wastewater industry was growing at a fast rate in Tennessee, particularly in the Middle Tennessee area. It became clear that demand existed for a company that could work closely with design engineers, installation contractors, and maintenance providers to supply system components locally, and thus ECS was born. Previously, most of the system components being used had to be shipped in from the Pacific coast area, usually with one-to-two week lead times. In 2006, ECS joined the Adenus family of companies and was reborn as Adenus Technologies. Adenus Technologies provides the components, design, and installation support within the Adenus Group, equipping our clients with a total decentralized wastewater solution. In April 2007, Adenus Technologies joined the other divisions of the Adenus Group, moving into company headquarters located at 849 Aviation Parkway in Smyrna, TN. Today Adenus Technologies benefits from established relationships fostered within our own utilities division, partnerships with other utility districts, and noted leaders within the industry to constantly evolve and push the industry standard for not only our own product lines but also the technologies we support. We aim to develop and promote products that aid in the long term professional management of decentralized wastewater, with a particular focus on installation ease, energy efficiency, and low environmental impact.


Adenus Technologies offers expertise in the following areas:

Subsurface Drip

Dripfield Design Assistance
Advanced Dripfield Controls
KPI Tracking and Reporting

Pumps and Vaults

Pump Specification Assistance
Submersible Pump Lines
STEP System Installer Training

Control Panels

Custom Controls Design
UL-508a Listed HAWK Panels
HAWK Monitoring System SCADA

Risers and Tanks

Packaged Systems Design
Fiberglass or plastic tanks
Lift Station Controls & Monitoring


849 Aviation Pkwy
Smyrna, TN 37167